CCC Plus


  •  What is Computer: Characteristics of Computer System, Basic Applications of Computer; Processing Unit, Keyboard, mouse and VDU, Other Input devices, Other Output devices, Computer Memory;
  •  Concept of Hardware and Software: Hardware, Software, Application Software, Systems software, Programming Languages; Representation of Data/Information; Concept of Data processing; After completing this chapter, you will be able to understand computers, understanding its components and its applications
  •  Basics of Operating System: Operating system, Basics of popular operating system (LINUX, WINDOWS);
  •  The User Interface: Task Bar, Icons, Start Menu, Running an Application;
  •  Operating System Simple Setting: Changing System Date And Time, Changing Display Properties, To Add Or Remove A Windows Component, Changing Mouse Properties, Adding and removing Printers;
  •  File and Directory Management: Types of files, What is a file, Naming conventions, File Extensions, File Pathway, Windows Explorer window, Viewing files, File property dialogue box, Explain file size (bytes, kilo, mega, giga,tera) and abbreviations used, Create a Folder, Move a file (multiple files)into a folder, Delete files and folders, Recovering deleted files, Renaming files, Searching for files, Creating and deleting shortcuts on desktop, How programs may save files in specific location by default. How to find where file is being saved;
  •  Desktop: exploring the desktop, cleaning the desktop;  Keep Software updated: how to set automatic updates for windows operating system.